Wednesday, September 17, 2008

If its beach videos you are looking for then can help, because we have video of all the beaches in Florida on a two DVD set. Choose "uh" beach technology will allow you to simply choose which beach you want to see and see it. Over 2 hours and 1200 miles of beautiful beach scenery, no history here, just "beach" and "beach". Oh yea, also relaxing sounds of nature that is sure to put you in a state of deep relaxation. If you are thinking about taking a trip to Florida, our DVDs are a must have before you come. Each one of the beaches in Florida has its own characteristics as you will see. "USA Today" says, Florida’s beaches are so nice, that 1000 people a day are relocating there. has made a wonderful production the whole family will enjoy. Why just read about Florida's beaches or look at photos, watch video too....... Be sure to visit our website today using the website link above and while there, all the beaches can be found for sale on a two disc set with the journey beginning in beautiful Ft. Pickens, near Pensacola on Florida’s northwest coast traveling all the way across north Florida's Redneck Riviera also known as the Forgotten Coast, then all the way down Florida's Gulf coast ending in the Florida keys. Disc 2 takes you along Florida's Atlantic coast from Miami's south beach all the way to Jacksonville's Fernandina beach near the Georgia border. What a spectacular trip it is, everyone must see Florida's coast to really appreciate it. So buy it today on DVD.

Tour Floridas Coast beaches DVD

Wouldn't it be great to take a trip to EVERY beach in Florida without leaving your living room? If Gerald Crosby has his way, you'll be able to do just that. Gerald has been to all the beaches in Florida with his video camera and has put together a wonderful DVD that takes you on a tour of the entire Florida coast, beach by beach.I can tell you, as an experienced beach explorer and author of a guidebook on Florida's Southwest Coast beaches, it takes a long, long time to visit all the beaches in Florida – more time than most of us have available. There were a number of beaches on Gerald's video that I've not yet been to. But after seeing his demo DVD, I'm already making plans to change that.Gerald was born in Pensacola, Florida and spent much of his life enjoying the beaches of Northwest Florida. He thought it would be great to visit all the beaches in Florida and put them on video for everyone to see. It took Gerald a year and a half to visit and film all of the beaches in Florida. Along the way he talked to a lot of people and asked them about their favorite beaches. Some beaches that were frequently mentioned as favorites include Fort Pickens (near Pensacola), Gulf Islands National Seashore (Santa Rosa), and the beaches of Sarasota/Bradenton.Gerald is really passionate about beaches and about what he is doing. I look forward to the completion of his DVD project (called "Tour Florida's Coast") and can't wait to see the finished product for sale. You can see Gerald's website and view samples of his beach videos at videos are divided into chapters with a simple menu system that allows the viewer to either select a beach to view, or just watch the whole DVD from beginning to end. There is no distracting narration and the DVD is very relaxing to watch. Gerald is a very good videographer and editor, so the DVD is high quality and a valuable resource for beach lovers, or anyone traveling or thinking of traveling to Florida.

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